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GYM 22 provides progressive training methods that directly transfer to the outdoor-focused Wyoming lifestyle. In combination with fundamental strength and cardiovascular training, we utilize diverse modalities that include sandbags, stones, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman training, HIIT, TRX and yoga. With regularly scheduled group classes, private personal training appointments, and open gym times, your potential for growth is unlimited.  Let us help you become more active in your life outside of the gym by experiencing our focused and proven programming.

The hardest part is just coming in for your very first workout.  That's why your First Two Classes Are FREE!


 Personal Training 

Custom-designed sessions with our world-class coaches


Year-round, indoor climbing wall with limitless route options

 Group Classes 

Programmed group classes for all levels of experience, from elite to novice

Mobility & recovery

Weekly range of motion practice to aid recovery and training

 Open Gym 

Independent use of the gym at your schedule's convenience

Youth Programs

Specific, safe programming for kids age 10-14 that combine fitness with fun

If you like to train hard and need a gym in Jackson, you've got to drop in here. Brooks is an elite level trainer, watching our every move and adjusting and adapting perfectly to make the workout brutally hard but not injurious in the least. They have so much great equipment, especially for lifters, crossfitters and strongman. Also really enjoyed Mick's mobility class. Train here!!

Tim s. 

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Hours of operation 

Mon-Fri: 7AM to 7PM

Saturday: 9AM to 12PM

Sunday: Closed

contact us


Brooks: (307) 413-0405

Maggie: (610) 246-1996


125 Scott Lane

Jackson, WY 83001

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Strong people are harder to kill

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