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Our Program

Traditional strength & conditioning combined with corrective musculoskeletal exercises, AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), balance training, and HIIT circuits all to create an all-encompassing program at Gym 22.  Proper biomechanics, posture and mobility are pressed every day in our sessions.

The longer we can practice SAFE training techniques that do not push our own physical limitations outside of our skeletal and natural limitations, the longer we may be able to continue enjoying life in Wyoming.

Stop in to learn more about our memberships and personal training rates!


Group Classes

We provide regularly scheduled, pre-programmed group classes during weekdays and Saturday mornings. Class space is limited, so be sure to sign up ahead of time; the first two classes are free for locals!


Personal Training

Gym 22 offers a variety of personal training options for groups, individuals, and on location with one of our highly skilled trainers. Have questions on how to get started? Shoot us an email:


Open Gym

Each day of the week, we open the gym to those who wish to come in and improve on movements and skills, create their own workout for the day, or to open their training to new levels. Get in touch by phone or email for more information.


Movement & Mobility

Weekly sessions focused on increasing flexibility and range of motion. Finding new depths in movements to help training and recovery. 



Newly installed 12x12' climbing wall that allows the climber to change the angle of incline and project infinite routes. Open during all open gym hours!


Youth Programs

We incorporate fundamental strength movements in a safe and fun way to get kids interested in fitness, and seeing progress in their sports and passions outside of the gym. 

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