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Our Mission

At Gym 22, we understand the Jackson Athlete:  The skier, biker, paddler, climber, and runner.  Many of us try to take part in several activities per season since we live in this beautiful place. However, it can be frustrating to progress in all of them, and it can be hard on the body.  We can help you become more durable & active in the Jackson community, now and for years to come. 

Our team



Raised in Jackson, WY, Brooks began training and weightlifting at 12 years old. As a Certified Underground Strength Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, CF-L1, & Military Athlete Advance Programming, he loves implementing corrective musculoskeletal exercises, AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), balance training, and HIIT circuits to improve performance inside and out of the gym. Brooks is passionate about practicing SAFE training techniques that do not push individual physical limitations outside of their skeletal and natural limitations. This combination of safe and effective programming allows athletes to continue enjoying life in Wyoming and the many activities that are available.

Tristan Shockley


Tristan, another Jackson native, attended Montana State University Billings where he completed a degree in Human Health and Performance while playing baseball for the MSU Yellowjackets. After starting a family and settling in Jackson, Tristan decided to become a personal trainer, combining his passion for athletics with his undergraduate education. Since graduating MSU in 2018, he has been working with local high school athletes who have the drive and motivation to continue playing sports at the collegiate level. Tristan joined Gym 22 in the spring of 2020 as an AFAA Personal Trainer. 

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Gia Carangi


Gia is a spring of 2022 transplant from South Philadelphia, PA where she learned the importance of community, leadership, and grit. Gia is certified Crossfit level 2, USAW level 1, Clinical Athlete Weightlifting Coach, licensed Massage Therapist and sports cupping as well as a CHEK level 1 practitioner. She has been consistently coaching group classes and 1on1 clients since 2015. Gia moved to Jackson to enjoy the magic of the mountains as well as a quiet shift from city life and pursue her first love of horses. She is passionate about a holistic lifestyle, movement science and spirituality. Thriving off of connection, authenticity and adventure, Gia hopes to share a vast knowledge of the human experience at Gym22.

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Alex Wells 


A Rhode Island native, Alex was a collegiate climber and received his degree in biochemical engineering from the University of Rhode Island. In 2021, Alex moved to Jackson to escape the sedentary lifestyle of sitting behind a desk all day to explore the Tetons. As a climber, Alex knows the importance of balance, endurance, and strength training as he must be prepared for whatever obstacles nature throws at him. Alex completed his personal training certification from the National Federation of Professional Trainers and previously taught both adult and youth climbing technique programs. When Alex is not at the gym you can find traveling in his sprinter van to check out new climbing routes, biking, or snowboarding. Most recently, Alex has taken on a new hobby of photography. 

Chris Santaniello


Chris, a New Jersey native, joined Gym22 in 2021. In 2010, after completing his college football career at Franklin & Marshall College, Chris found a passion for CrossFit and Olympic Lifting. He has achieved his CrossFit Level 1 Certification, CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification, CrossFit Football Certification, and has attended several seminars including USAW Judges Course. In 2014, Chris qualified and completed in the Mid- Atlantic Regionals with the CrossFit Center City Team. During that time, he trained under two nationally ranked Olympic Lifting coaches Jim Rutter and Cara Heads-Slaughter. In addition to the 2014 Regionals, Chris has been judged in multiple Olympic Lifting competitions. Chris hopes to share his knowledge and passions with the Gym 22 community while also learning new sports such as backcountry snowboarding, mountain climbing, and Jiu Jitsu.


SophiA BoyD-FliEgel 


Sophia is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer from Seattle. She hold degrees in Human Biology and English from Stanford University where she was a four-year Division I rower. From beginners to lifeling athletes, Sophia enjoys helping all athletes access safe, intentional and intense movement. She grew up rowing Lake Washington and litfing weights in community gyms, admiring her many coaches and teammates along the way. 

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