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At Gym 22, we understand the Jackson Athlete:  The skier, biker, paddler, climber, and runner.  Many of us try to take part in several activities per season since we live in this beautiful place. However, it can be frustrating to progress in all of them, and it can be hard on the body.  We can help you become more durable & active in the Jackson community, now and for years to come. 

Our team



Born and raised in Jackson, WY, Brooks began training and weightlifting at 12 years old. As a Certified Underground Strength Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, CF-L1, & Military Athlete Advance Programming, he loves implementing corrective musculoskeletal exercises, AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), balance training, and HIIT circuits to improve performance inside and out of the gym. Brooks is passionate about practicing SAFE training techniques that do not push individual physical limitations outside of their skeletal and natural limitations. This combination of safe and effective programming allows athletes to continue enjoying life in Wyoming and the many activities that are available.



Pete was born and raised in Jackson, WY and grew up enjoying just about every activity that this amazing community has to offer. Deciding in 2011 to pursue a career in health and wellness, Pete began managing a local fitness facility which inspired him to pursue personal training and coaching. Since becoming an American Council on Exercise CPT in early 2014, Pete has joined the Gym 22 team and has dedicated himself to applying his knowledge to furthering his athletes' awareness and capabilities of their own bodies.  His driving force, in regards to training athletes, is to ensure that when they go out into the mountains, out on the river, out on the ice, they are absolutely as prepared, strong, durable, and as aware of themselves as they possibly can be.  



Born in Philadelphia, PA, Maggie pursued a post-grad career in  Leukemia research at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. However, after dedicating 4 collegiate years as both a student-athlete and an athletic trainer, she missed working with athletes and felt the need to relocate towards a lifestyle that focused on movement and fitness. She joined the Gym 22 coaching team as an AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer. Maggie utilizes a combination HIIT, agility work, proprioceptive techniques, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training to help athletes move their bodies in new ways and become more resilient in everyday life and recreation in Jackson. 

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